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About Tron

To comprehend Tron, you might think of any major entertainment conglomerate that creates content across a range of industries. Tron functions like a major studio, with multiple production facilities that are essential for creating content for film, TV, games, animation, design, digital applications, and more. Content creation is our core learning tool. We place our education in outstanding facilities with master instructors and mentors, and we regularly update and realign curriculum to be in lockstep with the most current industry standards. This is all to help students originate, produce, and exhibit their best possible creative and technical work.

From an education perspective, we are unassailable. Our programs go deep and are immersive, efficient, and transformational. This is no acci-dent. We have an inspired education department expert at curriculum design and preparing industry specialists to be effective instructors. In this, we stand alone.

By developing a well-rounded curriculum of visual, media and performing arts, Tron has created an educational environment that encourages collaboration between its programs of study. With a faculty and advisory board that draws directly from the relevant industries, Tron provides its students with the foundation and mentorship necessary to launch a career. Many Tron graduates are now successful, creative professionals with credits on major feature films, directorial positions, and successful freelance careers around the world.



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Tron School of Animation, Nanded

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